"Learn the Rules like a Pro,
so you can break them like an Artist"

Pablo Picasso


Backend Development

Building powerful and secure Web-Applications, APIs and Services.

Frontend Development

Translating your Design-Ideas into a beautiful and state-of-the-art website.


Creating the perfect Infrastructure for your next Project with the newest technologies.


Building your hybrid mobile app for all given mobile devices.

Programming Skills

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Zend Certified PHP Engineer

Zend Certified PHP Engineer

"Zend PHP Certification is an industry-wide standard that recognizes PHP expertise and is a measure of distinction that employers use to evaluate prospective employees."

NESO Security Labs

Completed Seminars

Secure Web-Applications - Offence and Countermeasures
February 2012, June 2014

Current Attack Techniques and Countermeasures
on OS-, Network- and Nervice-Level
March 2013

NESO Security Labs

Framework Skills

Clients & Employers

Companies & Clients I worked for in my career as a web-developer.

Online Payment Service Provider
Permanent employment as Senior Developer for 6 Years
Local Advertising Agency
Reccuring Client since 2007
Financial Data Analysis & Categorization
Permanent employment for 6 months. Recurring Client since 2016
Tech-Company with a german Full-Banking-License
Recurring Client since 2016
Schweitzer Gruppe
Company for Claims Management
Recurring Client since 2016
Schweitzer Gruppe
Local Advertising Agency
Recurring Client since 2017

Tool Skills

Supported by

Companies and organizations that helped and supported me on my journey as a freelancer.


You can find my office in Giessen's Technology- & Innovation-Center TIG.

Kode on Kanvas
Timo Körber
Kerkrader Str. 11
35394 Gießen